Enabling Growth Through Intelligent Communication

B2B Lead Generation and Telemarketing

How much time does it take to build your pipeline? How would you like it to be faster and less labour-intensive?

That’s what Lead Retriever is all about – fast, effective lead generation through outbound calling. We’ll build your pipeline so your sales teams can focus on closing deals.

Experienced telemarketers can unlock opportunities you never even knew existed, reaching out to your ideal customers on your behalf.

Collaborative, Effective Telemarketing.

Let’s face it, most businesses recognise the value in making outbound calls, but not everyone wants to do it. We get it – it’s why we’re here. We know how much difference it makes. So, we make telemarketing something you actually want to do, by making it simple, effective, and hassle-free.

Build your Database

Our team add contacts from your target markets to your calling database, giving us plenty of opportunities to generate qualified leads.

Pre-Qualify your Contacts

Don’t waste your time with tyre-kickers, people who aren’t interested, or gatekeepers your sales team can’t get past. We’ll deliver leads who’re ready to talk.

Fill your Pipeline

And those leads will be ready for your sales team to work with, building a pipeline of prospects with the highest probability of becoming clients.

It is with much enthusiasm I can recommend the services of LeadRetriever. Having utilised their expertise over the last 6 months on multiple campaigns, we have seen strong results which have delivered beyond our expectations. The team at LeadRetriever were knowledgeable, adaptable, and positive towards what we felt were challenging projects and delivered an exceptional quality of work.

It is rare to find a company whose customer service and commitment to quality is at this level, it is for this reason I would have no hesitation in continuing to use LeadRetriever as projects require and recommending them to any who require Telemarketing support.

Ben – Sales Director, M-Brain

Choose your own adventure.

Our range of services give you the flexibility to choose from time-sensitive campaigns, ongoing activities, and focused outreach. No matter what you need, we’ll work with you to find the right way to accelerate your growth.

How we work.

  • Representation
    We take the time to fully understand your business so we speak as one of the team rather than as an outsourced provider
  • Flexible approach
    We shape our service to deliver what you need – it’s what we do.
  • Extending your relationships
    Your outsourced telemarketing is a natural and seamless extension to your sales team.
  • Dedicated telephone number
    We’ll set up your own number so your calls are dealt with in your company name. Plus, every call is recorded.
  • Customised CRM
    Our service includes setting up your HubSpot CRM, so we capture any information you want and manage call back dates, tasks, and handovers to sales.


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