Lead Generation and Demand Building.

B2B telemarketing services find opportunities to build a customer base from your target audience. Our professional team target the right decision-makers, with the right message, to generate sales leads, appointments, and event attendees to give your sales teams plenty to work on.

LeadRetriever save you from waiting for your leads to find you, with a more cost-effective service than having your sales team pound the phones to find their own leads.

It’s not about selling, it’s about making a connection.

Decision-makers rarely want to be sold to. So, we don’t sell to them. We build connections and relationships on your behalf, understanding the needs of your targets to have a conversation and uncover what will make a difference to them.

With that connection, we deliver your messaging in a way that provides value – by the end of the call, you have a qualified lead that’s truly interested in your offering. We pass that information onto your sales teams so that you can build on that connection, making your pipeline not only bigger, but stronger too.

Our B2B Telemarketing services include:

  • Appointment setting for face to face meetings, Zoom calls, or telephone appointments
  • Bookings for live demonstrations or webinars
  • Inviting attendees to seminars, conferences or events
  • Generating interest in your services
  • Following up direct marketing mail or e-mail shots
  • Contacting current customers to up-sell or cross-sell additional products
  • Contacting lapsed customers to reignite interest
  • Database building and validation

Build your pipeline, faster.

Your sales team is a valuable resource. You need them to have plenty of meetings and discussions with the right people, to get those deals into your pipeline. The thing is, if they don’t have enough leads, you’re using an expensive resource to do a task that takes time and effort.

Outsourced B2B lead generation allows you to provide your sales team with qualified leads, without wasting their time on outreach and cold calling.

How we work.

Conversations, not pitches. Our team are trained to make connections – which means we don’t sound like robots, sticking rigidly to a script. We use your approved messaging in a way that connects with your audience.

Quality leads. We’re not here to throw every possible person your way. We’re here to make sure the leads we pass on to you are qualified and interested, so we don’t waste your time.

Brand values. We take our position very seriously. We know we’re representing your brand, so our B2B telemarketing services are crafted to be an extension of your business.

Realistic. We’re here to advise you on the best methods for your business. If we don’t think telemarketing is the right fit, we’ll tell you. We’ll advise on how many leads we expect to achieve for you, based on our extensive market insights.

Let’s get the ball rolling.