Build, develop, and cleanse your database.

Before you start a telemarketing campaign, whether in-house or through a telemarketing provider, you need to know that your database is worth contacting. There’s no point wasting time, effort, and money on calling people who aren’t there, aren’t relevant, or aren’t suitable.

LeadRetriever provide a database build and database cleanse service to ensure your data is relevant, useful, and worth pursuing.

Bespoke databases.

We don’t buy lists, we build them. Targeted to your specific audiences, we generate contact details for your ideal market to create a tailored contact database for your business.

Validated data.

We’ll ensure your CRM is filled with data on decision-makers and key targets, keeping your data up to date, to avoid wasting time on contacting irrelevant people.

Enhanced data.

If you want to engage a multi-channel approach to targeted outreach, you need more than names and phone numbers. We can add info like email addresses and LinkedIn profiles.

Relevant data.

For your database to be top-notch, you don’t want it clogged up with “gone-aways” and low-level contacts. We’ll keep you up to date so you don’t use resource on bad data.

Build or cleanse?

Build – if you want to start a telephone outreach programme but you don’t have many (or any!) contacts in your database, we can build up a list of prospects and contacts, with their contact details, for your database.

Cleanse – ideal if you already have a database of prospects and want to validate and update your data. We’ll contact your prospects and ensure you have details for decision makers and relevant contacts.

Let’s get the ball rolling.