There are times when pretty much every business hits a stumbling block with sales – maybe your team need help, or your data is messy and disorganised, or your opportunities simply aren’t making it through the pipeline to the end.

There are some key signs that tell you it’s a good time to get some outside help – whether long-term or for a boost to get you over the hump.

You’re spending too long on the phone

You, or your sales team, are spending hours on the phone trying to drum up leads. Now, we obviously don’t think being on the phone is a bad thing – we’re a telemarketing agency, of course we think the phone is brilliant – but it’s not always the right thing for you to be doing.

If your sales team are spending too long on the lead generation part of the job, you’ll have a front-loaded pipeline with no one focusing on closing out those deals (and that’s where the money comes from). So, if your teams are spending all their time on getting leads in the first place, you’re in the perfect position to outsource that activity. Then you can refocus on getting deals over the line, allowing you to realise the benefits sooner, and reinvest in more growth.

Your data is crap

How does your CRM look? And if your answer to that is “do you mean our spreadsheet?” then this section is definitely relevant to you. But even if you have some sort of CRM that captures your lead and customer information, is it up to date and accurate? When you’ve put in targets to go after, do you know if you’ve got the right people in there, with the right contact details, at the right companies? Many, many businesses have a store of data that’s out of date or simply inaccurate.

If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter how long your teams spend on the phone, you’re always working against yourself. So, an outsourced provider that does data cleansing gives you the database you need to be able to work your leads more effectively. That’s what our K8 package is all about. Because the best outreach and lead gen campaigns start from a decent database.

Your sales team is disorganised

You might think that generating more leads when you have a disorganised sales teams seems like a bit of a strange approach. But take a look at why they’re disorganised. Are they pulled in too many different directions at once? Are they trying to get find prospects, make cold calls, book meetings, have the meetings, create proposals, and close deals, all at once?

That can lead to a haphazard approach that leaves everything looking like chaos and disorganisation. But if you outsource the first 3 elements of that list – the finding, outreach, and meeting booking – everything else becomes a lot more streamlined. You’re not splitting time between finding/getting and impressing/closing your leads, allowing the team to focus.

You want to grow faster

You want to grow – most businesses do. And maybe you’re already experiencing some steady growth. But now you want that to happen faster. You want to ramp up your activities and get more clients onboard, as quickly as you can.

This is a perfect time to outsource some of your lead generation activities. Like we said earlier, that gives your sales teams more to work with while also allowing them the time and opportunity to focus on closing deals. It also means you can scale up without the risk of taking on permanent staff – you can start your acceleration with a lower investment than building out internal teams. And you won’t have the time burden of managing a larger team, allowing you more time to focus on strategy and growth.

You need a quick boost

Like the faster growth situation, a quick boost is another ideal time to outsource your lead gen. You can effectively add multiple people to your team (depending on the package you go for), without committing to long term hiring. If you have an event or campaign that needs extra work, outsourcing enables you to either retask your internal teams without losing any momentum, or build in extra resource for your outreach, just for the period you need it.

Maybe you have a new member of staff and you want to get appointments in their calendar as quickly as possible. Or you’ve got a new product and you want to find the right people to speak to about it. Or you’re coming up to the end of the quarter and you need a pipeline boost to go into the next period. There are loads of reasons you might need a quick surge in activity that won’t justify taking on internal staff. Outsourcing is perfect for this.

You need better metrics

You have a team, you have activity going on, but you’re not really sure if everything is going the way it should be. Your data isn’t giving you the insights you need.

When you outsource, you’re working with people who keep very detailed metrics – they (we!) need to, because we need to report back to you so you know exactly what your investment has achieved. So, if your internal data isn’t helping, then outsourcing can give you a much needed look at what sort of results hitting the phones should be giving you. We’ll record things like how many hours of dialling it takes to get an appointment, which means you can benchmark your internal activities in the future.

You hate outreach/you don’t have time

This is a great reason. Maybe you don’t yet have a large team who can build your database and pipeline, or you’re doing a lot of that work yourself but would be better off spending your time on other activities. Or, just maybe, cold calling and outreach leaves you cold (plenty of people hate doing this side of sales).

If you can invest in having someone else do that work for you, you save yourself a tonne of time and get to avoid something you don’t like doing. It’s ideal. Especially because when we don’t like doing something, we either put it off or don’t do it especially well. Outsourcing that activity means it’s done consistently, by professionals who (would you believe) actually enjoy it. Win win.

Of course, there are probably a bunch more reasons you might consider outsourcing your lead generation activities – we’re here to help regardless of why. So why not give us a whistle and we can talk leads.

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