Can “Cold Calling” ever be Good? How Effective Telemarketing is a Win-Win.

We’ve talked before about why telemarketing sucks (and why it actually doesn’t), but can cold outreach, cold calls, and telemarketing ever actually be good?

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes, if you do it well and do it right.

When You Need a B2B Lead Gen Partner

There are times when pretty much every business hits a stumbling block with sales – maybe your team need help, or your data is messy and disorganised, or your opportunities simply aren’t making it through the pipeline to the end.

There are some key signs that tell you it’s a good time to get some outside help – whether long-term or for a boost to get you over the hump.

Why Telemarketing Sucks – And Why It Actually Doesn’t

Of course we don’t think Telemarketing sucks – we wouldn’t do it if that’s what we really believed. But there are plenty of people who do think that way, so let’s get stuck in to some of the objections to having a telemarketing team in your business – and why they’re not the case any more.

3 Commercial Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing your Telemarketing

You’ll find a few posts along these lines, but often we find that the questions they ask are around things like “will people notice that I have outsourced telemarketers,” “who writes the scripts,” or “how will I ensure that KPIs are being met”. And while those are important questions, they shouldn’t be the first ones you ask yourself.